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In the whirlwind of the "stars" or what we pay for at the hotels

Everybody loves to travel – this is a fundamental truth. You can go anywhere in the world nowadays: it depends on your wish, financial capacities and free time that you have or haven’t. The problem of accommodation is the main for any tourist, because it’s necessary to have a good rest after long and busy day. So, where to stay? Let’s choose between an inexpensive mini-hotel and a luxury five-star hotel in Moscow. What would you prefer? Of course, moderate prices and good service! Let’s get a closer look at both hotels and service quality in them.

    Accepted standards of quality in hotels:
  • 1) Five-star hotel is the top. Luxury and maximum comfort. Elegant bathroom, a set of prime services, day spa, swimming pools and so on. Of course, the prices are high;
  • 2) Four-star hotel is by the side of Olympus. Separate large rooms, a varied European menu, gyms and more, that, unfortunately, is not included in the price of accommodation. It’s rather an expensive option, but also quite prestigious;
  • 3) Three-stars hotel is high class. Single rooms, lots of modern furniture, daily change of towels, comfort kits. All the other services are paid. It’s not a bad variant for a business trip.
  • 4) Two-star hotel is middle class with would-be. These hotels can propose handy location and beautiful views. The prices are moderate, but much higher than in mini-hotels and hostels.
  • 5) One-star hotel is a budget alternative for comfortable relaxation. Several guests live in one room as a rule. There’s a shower, a toilet and a kitchen that are used by visitors from several rooms. Minimum of furniture, but there is a TV. It’s perfect for your budget if you need to stop in large and expensive for living metropolis.
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