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Moscow hotels: history of hospitality

As a historical and social phenomenon the first hotels originated in the Middle Ages. The prototype of the modern hotels in Moscovia were numerous coaching inns, created in the 16th century at the order of the Tsar. Popularly these inns were called "pits".

There was the set of rules established for the inns. These rules in fact are basic rules of hotel services. They became basic for country clubs. This type of hotels was constructed in epoch of Peter the Great. It was due to the development of trading relations.

The first hotels based on European service standards were arisen in the capital in the eighteenth century. Among state kindred institutions, private hotels began to appear: the first mini-hotel in Moscow was located at the Prechistenskie Vorota (Prechistenskie Gates). From the nineteenth century many monastic courtyards were reconstructed to coaching inns and in 1910 there were about 300 hotels in the capital.

The history of development of Russian hotels was smooth and rather dynamic till the times of the Soviet system. Large majority of Moscow budget hotels were disbanded. Instead, the Soviet government established Houses of Unions and Houses of the Soviets, where political elite lived. Some hotel complexes began to revive only in the thirties of the last century.

After the perestroika and the USSR collapse the hotel symbols of full-fledged socialism became history. There were replaced by huge chains of the hotels, both domestic and foreign. Mini-hotels burgeon as well, and every year a few hundreds of them are opened in Moscow.

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