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Moscow, Russia
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Pay by the hour in GROSSOTEL

Are you looking for pay-by-the-hour hotels in Moscow? You've found it! It's GROSSOTEL! And be sure, you'll like your accommodation here!

In our budget hotel you'll find all traveler needs: comfortable, clean and well furnished rooms, reasonable prices and uncompromising service

GROSSOTEL is the best value for money, great location and wide selection of rooms.

Rooms and rates per night

Room Room description Rate of single Rate of double Bed space
«Budget Room»
Room with two beds 2800 rub
2800 rub
1400 rub
«Budget Room»
Room with three beds 3300 rub 2600 rub
1300 rub
«Standard» SINGLE One room with one single bed 3800 rub -
«Standard» DBL One bedroom with a double bed 3800 rub 4000 rub
«Standard» TWIN One room with two beds 3800 rub 4000 rub
«Deluxe» One room with one double bed 4000 rub 4500 rub
«Suite Room» Large single room with double bed, dressing room +
5300 rub 6000 rub
«Apartments» Two room room with a double bed and a guest room +
5500 rub
6300 rub

If you need more info, call us at 8 (495) 507-53-45.

Take all the advantages of GROSSOTEL:

  • Booking room online is the best and easy way to guarantee your accommodation in our hotel;
  • Location in the center of Moscow means accommodation in a walkable distance from Red Square and royal views of the Kremlin and the Stone Bridge;
  • Two metro stations and many transit shelters situated in a 5-minute walk from the hotel;
  • Twenty-four-hour checking into the hotel. Even if you arrive at dead hours, our staff will meet you and help to accommodate;
  • Pay-by-the-hour is profitable for those who visit the capital for a few hours. They can have a rest and take a shower in a comfortable room, paying only for hours of staying;
  • Well-furnished rooms, as well as the whole hotel, are designed to meet the needs of our guests;
  • If you want some coffee or tea, you may use our well-equipped coffee-room;
  • You can take an advantage of free Wi-Fi on the territory of our hotel;
  • The prices we provide for our services will pleasantly surprise you. You'll get the highest level service and maximum comfort for a reasonable rate. So, your accommodation will be either pleasant or profitable;
  • We provide many extras, such as ticket reservation in air ticket office, restaurant table booking, tours and excursions, visa support.

We do our best to meet all the demands of our clients. That's why our best award is your positive responses.

Contact infromation
  • Address: Prechistenskaya nab, 15, bld
  • Metro: Park Kultyry, Kropotkinskaya
  • Phone: 8 (495) 507-53-45
  • Phone: 8 (965) 377-36-70
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Skype: grossotel